Labels of Love - Flask Records

Based in Dundee

Roster Samoyed, Loops Haunt, sound artist Samuel Playford Greenwell, Mast (a collaboration between Samoyed and Greenwell), exponent of ‘quite Scottish’ techno DJ Shortbread, Bristolian MC Mr Mus.

Bosses Although they’re a broad-based creative collective who all chip in with running duties, Samoyed (Andrew Cook) does the talking for Flask.

Sounds like Eclectic. Samoyed and Loops Haunt (Scott Gordon) make dissonant laptop electronica which, in Cook’s case at least, is informed by the likes of Fennesz and Oval.

How and why did Flask come about? ‘Well it’s still very much a fledgling thing, and it’s just intended as a means of getting our own music out there. But the ethos is … we’re all designers and artists in some capacity (the core of Flask met while studying at Duncan of Jordanstone), and we really like the physicality of music being released as part of a beautiful object, which we think has been lost in the era of digital releases.’

Which formats do you release on? ‘On CD, and all our packaging is screen-printed by hand. We might go further in future, though. The plan is that the upcoming Loops Haunt album will be released electronically, but you’ll have to buy a keyring or a piece of jewellery which contains the download key. No one’s interested in just a CD these days, and the cost of pressing vinyl is prohibitively expensive.’

Musicians and designers at once? And playing Ballers Social? Are there LuckyMe comparisons to be made? (Laughs) ‘Probably the only comparison is that we each bring out about one record a year, although I know that’s because we at Flask are spectacularly lazy! No, it’s probably doing LuckyMe a disservice to compare us to them, but we do have that loosely-knit Art School thing going on as well.’

Samoyed and Loops Haunt play Ballers Social at the Ivy, Glasgow, Sat 30 May.

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