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Hotly-tipped Serpico are on the cusp of rock’n’roll world domination. Well, maybe not quite yet, but the bright eyed Edinburgh melodic punk metal band are due to unfurl their debut album at the end of May and are also proud owners of a shiny slot at this summer’s Download Festival. Aptly named frontman Mikey Serpico told us more.

It seems to be quite a quick rise to fame. How did it all get started?
Not that quick! We formed the band in mid-2005 and released our EP at the start of 2007. It got some nice reviews and we’ve basically been on the road as much as possible since then. It’s good that we’ve had a fairly gradual ascent, because we’ve been able to pick up a lot of genuine fans rather than just fair weather fans who just hear your song on the radio.

How would sell yourself to someone who is unfamiliar with your music?
We combine all the best bits of metal, punk and wrap them up with catchy melodies. It’s very accessible music without being overly saccharin and obviously pop.

Edinburgh’s music scene is often seen as second to Glasgow’s. True?
Glasgow has a lot more venues and there’s more of a culture of going to live music but I don’t think musically the bands are any better. The internet means you’re as likely to be influenced by bands from Japan or Brazil as from Joppa or Bellshill!

Serpico play Classic Grand, Glasgow Sun 7 Jun; Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh Fri 26 Jun.


Five-piece melodic punk/metal band form Edinburgh who look like they could be on the brink of something big.

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