Lord Cut Glass - Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Sat 16 May (4 stars)

Lord Cut Glass

The least we could expect from a solo project of the man who sang with The Delgados is a bit of arch miserablism dressed up behind deceptively pretty pop songs. On both counts, Alun Woodward – the good Lord himself – delivered, but few might have imagined just how distantly the two parts of his musical persona would be separated.

Playing his first full set of this material at a Tigerfest show in the seated, pin-drop ambience of the Carnegie Hall, Woodward doesn’t go out of his way to gee the crowd up. His guitar-tuning interludes are extensive, his between-song chat slim. He sings of being ‘broken apart like a sailor’s heart’ during ‘Even Jesus Couldn’t Love You’, instructs to ‘Look After Your Wife’, ‘even if she’s an all-time bad drinker’.

The music is beautifully composed and arranged, with a four-piece mini-orchestra complementing the traditional band set-up. Latin styles are introduced to ‘Even Jesus …’ and there’s a heavy hint of Morricone in ‘You Know’, counterpointing the lyrical gloom with singularly joyous sound.


Lord Cut-Glass, De Rosa and Angil + the Hiddentracks

  • 4 stars

Full band performance of Lord Cut-Glass, part-folk, part-electronic delivery from De Rosa with songs from their excellent new album 'Prevention', and some international flavour from Angil + the Hiddentracks. 'Part of Tigerfest 2009'.

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