The 10:04s and The OK Social Club - The Hive, Edinburgh, Sat 9 May (3 stars)

The 10:04s

Is Leith the new Dundee? The area has all-of-a-sudden hothoused a bunch of ragged, jangly indie kids seemingly hell-bent on finding their way into Alan McGee’s phone book. Admittedly, none of this trio carry quite the same air of menace as The View, The Law or surrogate Dundonians Sergeant, but they’re all singing from the same graffitied songsheet.

First of all, honorary mentions to The Hot Lips, who were on before The List’s night out started, but whose MySpace confirms the theory that Leith rocks. The 10:04s continue the theme, a Caledonian-voiced crossbreed of The Libertines and Razorlight in Paul Weller fan-friendly cravats, and leather jackets.

Similarly-influenced headliners OK Social Club, meanwhile, weren’t quite as finely-honed as the preceding mob, but they made enough man-racket to keep the bouncing lads and lasses up the front happy. Their ‘Everybody’s At It’ was the night’s big anthem; although perhaps their track ‘The Late 90s’ better sums up the whole bill’s dream era.,

The OK Social Club

Danceable indie rock.


1. suzybg28 May 2009, 5:18pm5 stars The 10:04s and The OK Social Club - The Hive, Edinburgh, Sat 9 May Report

5 stars for the night - not sure about the review. Have to say that I see about 10 local bands a week and the 10:04s and especially The OK Social Club are the best I've seen and heard in a long time. Get down to Cabaret Volataire on the 3rd of June and find out for yourselves - you won't be disappointed!! Oh and the afterparty on the 9th of May was a cracker as well - acoustic set from the OK Socials with guest vocals from the 10:04s and a host of other 'ragged, jangly indie kids'.

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