Photo: Andy De Decker

Location: Brussels, Belgium.

Occupation: Cosmic orbiters of Planet Disco.

Should I be excited? We think so. Having planted the magic beans in Glasgow with an infamous performance at H&P last September, Aeroplane return to spray their flourishing pop crop with another dose of psychedelic disco dust and super-charged Balearic bio-boosters.

‘Balearic’? Oh God, should I look out my Café del Mar album? Not quite. The reference is more emotive than descriptive, and Aeroplane’s music policy has little in common with the typical audio perception that the old ‘Balearic’ tag usually throws up. Part of a mini resurgence of style gone by, the interior of the Aeroplane sound could well be furnished with the opulent trappings of a utopian discotheque. However, the whole thing is bound by a contemporary structure, galvanized with modern day melodious electronics. Disco with balls.

Phew! I just pictured myself in a baggy denim shirt with curtains. What’s the story then? Growing up under the continental concrete canopy of Brussels’ southern suburbs, producer Vito Deluca and DJ Stephen Fasano were brought together through a mutual love of vinyl. Since combining their talents and launching Aeroplane, they’ve completed a number of grade-A remixes for a diverse selection of artists including Friendly Fires, MGMT and Grace Jones. Their own material makes up a large part of the on board entertainment at an Aeroplane gig but you can expect to see an array of associated styles both old and new flying past your window.

Any final thoughts? Be prepared for a purchase when the boys finally release their debut artist album later in the year. For an indication of its content and quality, sample the delights of 2007’s ‘Caramellas’ on Eskimo Records and know that Belgium’s other beat brothers the Dawaeles, aka 2 Many DJs, are on hand to lend their Soulwax studio skills as producers.

Huntley & Palmers Audio Club, Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 30 May.

Huntleys & Palmers Audio Club

Intelligent techno, wonky electro and many more genres besides.

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