Various: Khaki Shorts (3 stars)

Khaki Shorts

More underground comics action pierces your mind as Khaki Shorts returns after a two-year hiatus. It’s a distinctly Glaswegian title (with just a dash of Edinburgh wit) packed with acidic humour ranging from sci-fi pastiche to police action with Viz-esque comedy strips. Where Viz plays around with the Beano template to concoct an adult take on kids’ comics, Khaki Shorts instead lampoons the likes of Star Trek, superhero comics and the medium itself (particularly in ‘Super Scott’).

The quality varies from mindless comedy to sharp observation and with names such as Rob Miller, Neil Bratchpiece and Jon Miller (several of whom we’ve covered in these pages before), it adds up to an amusing and diverting read. Well worth the £1 cover price, it’s a small amount to pay for a few laughs and a quick delve into the Scottish underground.


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