Uncool Martin Freeman

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  • 23 May 2009
Martin Freeman

Uncool Martin Freeman

'Hot Fuzz' actor Martin Freeman admits he has never been able to recreate the buzz surrounding him when he starred in hit UK TV show 'The Office'

Martin Freeman hasn't been cool for seven years.

The 'Hot Fuzz' actor hasn't enjoyed the same credibility since his hit UK TV show 'The Office' finished in 2002 and doesn't think he will ever get it back.

He said: "I was probably cool around the end of 2002. It was when 'The Office' was massive. That was the time in my life I got the Hoxton fin haircut."

Martin is currently involved with a project called Ctrl.Alt.Shift, which makes short films on current issues.

He confesses his coolness has taken another hit because the scheme helps support the Church of England charity Christian Aid.

He said: "I think Ctrl.Alt.Shift was really just a way for Christian Aid.

I suppose there's nothing very 'cool' about Christianity, is there? And people can be very anti it in a way they can't about other religions."

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