Anna Meldrum - Brel, Glasgow, Sun Apr 26 (4 stars)

Anna Meldrum - Brel, Glasgow, Sun Apr 26

Photograph: Matt Wilkes

Anna Meldrum is Ayr-raised, Glasgow based songwriter who, after some time playing the field, so to speak, as a solo artist, has decided to rope in the efforts of extra musicians to give her performance and sound a bit of boost. Which brings us to this evening, a showcase put on by local promoters Gathering Whispers to serve as the launch gig for said band.

With a double bass, and drums now firmly in the mix, Anna's folk-tinged and charmingly personal lyricism is given new dynamics and songs that sounded in the realm of upbeat, slightly country vibes, like 'Fuzzy Felt' for example, are granted an extra bit of meat on their bones. The crowd here at Brel tonight consists largely of family members and friends, which although adds to the overall cosiness and relaxed feel of the show, begs the question, 'What will everyone else think?'.

It would be too easy to drop her into the realm of strongly accented female songtresses like Kate Nash, Lily Allen, etc, but, boasting a strong voice, intelligent, catchy songs and surprisingly witty banter, there is something untouched and unique about Anna Meldrum, that will surely spread faster than swine flu.

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