Exposure: Dinosaur Pile-up

Exposure: Dinosaur Pile-up

Dinosaur Pile-up - My Rock 'n' Roll

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Coming from the ever-growing, densely populated musical stomping ground that is Leeds, Dinosaur Pile-up are a trio whose songs embrace heavier sounds besides the standard infectious melody and pace associated with many of their contemporaries. With only a handful of these tracks to showcase so far, the band have managed to tour nationwide and beyond and are currently lined up for slots on several of the summer's biggest festivals, with a major release in the pipeline. To shed some light on what could be very well be a major highlight of your summer schedule, here's the band's guitarist and lead singer, Matt Bigland.

How did the band first come together? How did you first meet?
Well, to be honest, the band as it is now was originally just me writing and recording songs as a kind of solo project. Tom (Dunford, bass) has been a friend of mine for a long time, and I'd watched Steve (Wilson, drums) play for about four or five years. I was a big fan of his last band, so when I felt that I wanted to play the songs live and felt they were getting a bit bigger I asked Tom if he would play, given that his band at the time was kind of winding down. Steve had just become available to play as well, so DPU suddenly fitted together pretty well. And that was that - prehistoric history was made.

Were any of you in any dodgy bands prior to this?
We'd all been playing for a while in various bands, but it kind of felt like we were all waiting for a band like this to kind of come around, you know? Everyone in Leeds is in a band, it's just that this is the band that we all wanted to be in, but it kind of hadn't come to exist yet.

Are there any particular artists, events or shows that inspired your music?
When I was fifteen or sixteen I went to T in the Park. That's where I discovered Jimmy Eat World and it blew my mind wide open. Foo Fighters were headlining I think. It was back when they still played Everlong as a full kick ass live band rather than the acoustic 'non-kick ass' version. My brain also exploded then. Dave Grohl jumped off the stage and walked about, and for a sixteen year old kid it was mind bending. I was in awe. We're all into a whole bunch of similar bands: early Weezer, RATM, early Foo's, early Presidents Of The United States, Jimmy Eat World, Grandaddy, The Melvins, Smashing Pumpkins. You know, good bands.

Avoid other precarious comparisons, how would you personally describe your music?
'Awesome X 10'

Can we expect an album soon?
Well, we're getting a lot of songs down at the moment in preparation for the album, but before that we might be getting an E.P done, so we're concentrating on that as well.

Do you prefer live performance to recording or are you a fan of both?
I am indeed a fan of both, but I really get off on recording. I love studios and really getting in to a groove of working. Recording drums or guitars or vocals really gets me excited. It's my favourite thing to do I suppose. But then again, getting on stage knowing you have the most kick-ass pair of rocking dudes behind you is a killer feeling. Tom and Steve are a powerhouse of a backline.

What has been your favourite or least favourite show you've played so far?
We just played the Camden Crawl and it freaking went off. That was a wicked show. We really slayed that stage like something out of Lord of the Rings. Axes everywhere. We played a sick show in Liverpool a while back too. Crowd merged into band many times over until I thought this completely random dude was Tom playing the bass, but Tom was somewhere else in the mess. It was sick. Our least favourite show was when someone approached Tom as he we playing - mid song - and asked him when we were gonna finish. Tom gave a big F*** Y** and didn't tell him anything.

What's the funniest or weirdest thing anyone's said about the band so far?
Umm... I don't know - But the funniest thing anyone's ever asked us was 'How has Morrisey influenced the band?' I replied 'Are you freaking kidding?'

Where would you like to be this time next year? Any particular dreams or goals? Or don't you think that far ahead.
Well it's always good not to expect anything, but it is good to have goals I think. This time next year I'd like to have that album that I've always wanted to release, and maybe be halfway up the line-up at all the festivals. That would be cool. Also, maybe Steven Seagal could have joined the band and taught me how to throw knives really well like he does. Oh, and have a sick ponytail.


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