Exposure: Sing It Loud

Exposure: Sing It Loud

Sing It Loud: No One Can Touch Us

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With the sun finally giving Britain a glimmer of hope for a nice summer, you might be looking for the perfect musical companion to all your outdoor activities. Step forward Sing It Loud, who are hitting these shores from their native Minnesota with their fist-pumping melodies and manically energetic live shows. I got a chance to speak to singer and guitarist Pat Brown as the band packed their gear for the US Warped Tour.

How did Sing It Loud begin?
We all played in different bands in Minneapolis, our home town, so we all knew each other. All our bands broke up around the same time and we found that we gelled – we all have the same interests and influences and aspirations about the music we wanted to make, so Sing It Loud got together in Spring 2007.

Is there much else to do in a place like Minneapolis?
Yeah, there’s tons of stuff! It’s a very pretty place, especially in the summer and fall when the weather’s great. My favourite place is a place called Uptown and also there’s Lake Calhoun. That’s very pretty and the nature there is really awesome. It’s nice to go down there and just hang out.

Does being from that part of the world have any reflection on your music?
Definitely. A lot of amazing artists come from Minnesota; Prince came from there, Motion City Soundtrack, Semisonic and Bob Dylan, so there’s a lot of talented, legendary people that come from the place that I come from and I’m proud of that.

What else influences your music?
My mom’s a piano teacher and has been pounding music into my brain all my life so she’s kind of my main influence. Other artists that have influenced us include All American Rejects, Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday and Motion City Soundtrack.

You all seem incredibly young. How old are you guys?
I’m the oldest and I’m 22. Then Nate, Kieren and Chris are 20 and Ben’s 19.

You’re playing on the Warped Tour in the US this summer. How does that feel?
I cannot wait, it’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to do and it’s our first tour on a bus, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Also the Warped Tour means a lot to me because I’ve been going to it since 2002 or something like that as a fan and to be part of that as an artist is very awesome. There are also a lot of friends and people we love playing so it’s going to be crazy.

As crazy as your first UK tour?
I’ve never been overseas before so it’s going to be awesome. We’re going with Cobra Starship, good friends of ours, and Cash Cash too, who we just finished touring with here so it’s going to be a lot of fun and hopefully the UK will think so too.

Are there are plans as to when we can get our grubby mitts on an album?
Our debut album is coming out June 1st in the UK but it’s been out in the US for a while so thoughts are already on our second release. We’re writing for it right now, recording it sometime later this year and releasing early next year. It’s definitely something we’re thinking about a lot and we’ve been writing lots of tracks for. We have a lot of ideas going but nothing’s set in stone, but there’s definitely a vision of what we want.

Sing It Loud’s debut single, 'No One Can Touch Us' will be released on 25 May. They play the Garage, Glasgow Fri, 21 May.



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