Ron Howard's intoxicating plot

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  • 18 May 2009
Tom Hanks

'Angels and Demons' star Tom Hanks

Ron Howard was so desperate to discover the plot of the follow-up to 'The Da Vinci Code' he tried to get the author drunk

Ron Howard tried to get Dan Brown drunk so he would reveal the plotline of his latest book.

The Hollywood director - who worked on the film adaptations of Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' and the prequel 'Angels and Demons' - is so desperate to discover what happens in the third instalment, 'The Lost Symbol', he bought the writer lots of alcoholic drinks.

He said: "Dan is not telling me anything. I know he's gone back, deepened the story and re-worked it several times. At the 'Angels and Demons' premiere in Rome, we all surrounded him and kept refilling his glass trying to get him to tell us what it's about, but he can hold his liquor and he wouldn't say anything."

Howard is thrilled with how 'Angels and Demons', which stars Tom Hanks, looks on the big screen.

The 55-year-old filmmaker explained to Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "We used every kind of visual illusion, going back to tricks that were devised a hundred years ago all the way through to the latest digital technology, great set-building and construction, and guerrilla-style filming in Rome.

"I was very glad it was my 20th movie and not my second because it required a lot of planning. Technically, it was a real feat, and logistically it was incredibly challenging."

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