Manic Street Preachers snub Clapton

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  • 16 May 2009
Nicky Wire

Manic Street Preachers bassist Nicky Wire

Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards, who was declared as presumed dead last November, once rejected Eric Clapton's request to "jam" with the group

Manic Street Preachers turned down the chance to duet with Eric Clapton.

The 'Tears in Heaven' star approached the group's guitarist Richey Edwards - who was declared presumed dead last November after going missing in 1995 - when they were being treated in the same rehabilitation facility, much to the rest of the band's amusement.

Bassist Nicky Wire said: "Richey was in The Priory and Eric Clapton was there and he offered to come round and jam, that was one of those moments where you couldn't write anything funnier, in a tragic situation."

According to the remaining members of the group, they were expecting their bandmate to try to leave the facility following the encounter.

Nicky joked: "He just thought, 'Hey rock and roll musician, come on...' I would have loved to see Richey's polite, 'Well, maybe not'. He'd be like, 'F**k, I'm getting out of here.' "

Manic Street Preachers

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Eric Clapton

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