Dustin Hoffman seeks animal advice

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  • 16 May 2009
Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman seeks animal advice

'Last Chance Harvey' actor Dustin Hoffman loves spending his mornings talking to his pets

Dustin Hoffman thinks his guinea pig holds the key to the meaning of life.

The 'Last Chance Harvey' actor says his favourite time of the day is early mornings, when he gets to bond with the caged creature and his beloved dogs by pondering human existence.

He explained: "I really believe on a daily basis there's a line of communication between me and my dogs which we haven't defined yet.

"I really talk to them. And I talk to my guinea pig, Mr. James every single morning. I sit and watch him on that wheel every single day, trying to answer the question that is, 'Do they think they're doing it for exercise or do they think they're going to reach a destination?' Because that's a terrible metaphor for all of us. Because that's all life is perhaps?

"Nobody is going to tell you the truth like I do."

Despite reaching the age of 71, the 'Graduate' star insists he has no plans to retire.

He added to Britain's Independent newspaper: "At my age I take anything I can get. I never stop working and I never stop ageing."

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