The Taste Of Bordeaux's Bar à Vin In Edinburgh

  • 20 May 2009
Bar à Vin

Experience a Taste of Bordeaux in Edinburgh

Bordeaux – the wine, the châteaux and the region – has something wonderful in store on all counts. Summer means barbecues; long, leisurely, wine-filled “pique-niques” that stretch from noon until evening; and of course, holidays.

An 18th century building in the centre of the city of Bordeaux hosts the Bar à Vin, a light and airy bar serving numerous Bordeaux wines by the glass with charcuterie plates at great prices.

If you cannot jet to the famous wine region this month then the Bar à Vin will come to you. Bordeaux wines will have something for everyone when they show the latest selection of Everyday Bordeaux Wines on their stand at the Taste of Edinburgh festival 29th to 31st May. Taste of Edinburgh is a summertime must-do: al fresco dining in Inverleith Park enjoyed by thousands, the best restaurants contributing food; the top vintners bringing the wine.

Visitors to the Bordeaux wine stand will exchange crowns worth £5.00 in return for a selection of charcuterie plus an invitation to taste a selection of different Bordeaux wines. While wine lovers may reach instinctively for full-bodied, velvety red Bordeaux to go with lamb and beef roasts in the winter, the region’s young, light reds, rosés and fresh whites will take you through the summer months just as easily.

Everyday Bordeaux wines are chosen by an independent panel and priced between £5 and £20 in UK supermarkets and wine shops. Create your own Bar à Vin chez vous and serve Bordeaux wines at your family barbeque, party celebration or romantic night in for two. Merlot and Merlot-Cabernet Franc blends are terrific accompaniments to crisp-skinned barbecued chicken, and Bordeaux’s juicy blackcurrant rich Cabernet Sauvignon dominant blends are delicious with charcuterie and cold meats. Bright, breezy, well-balanced rosés are a good match to hunks of ham and grilled shellfish including prawns and lobster. Should you be from the ‘if it’s summer, it must be white wine’ school of thought, refreshing Bordeaux white wines made from Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc go so well with summer salads and fish terrine. Don’t forget the area’s famous dessert wines, Sauternes and Barsacs, for a splurge – traditionally paired with posh patés that contain foie gras, they are also great with blue cheese.

A quick glance at the website, with its extensive food and wine matching section (under ‘Everything about Wine/Today’s Bordeaux) provides plenty of inspiration about what to buy at various price levels, with information on grapes and blends.

If all this tasting and talk about wine and food has you dreaming of a vacation abroad, the Bordeaux region offers enough to keep anyone busy – from outdoor pursuits in the vineyards and along the rivers, to gourmet excursions, to trying to keep sheer châteaux envy at bay.

Perhaps it may just be time to go back to school – wine school, that is - at the Ecole du Vin, located in the same building as the Bar à Vin. The school offers a flexible schedule of weekday and weekend courses in English throughout the summer and autumn, for beginner to advanced level students.

Whatever your pleasure, Bordeaux invites Edinburgh to taste everything it has to offer this summer.

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