Kate Moss 'driven mad' by doves

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  • 15 May 2009
Kate Moss

Kate Moss 'driven mad' by doves

Kate Moss' house has been left in disarray by her neighbour's flock of doves, which have flown into her property, causing damage to furniture and her security system

Kate Moss is being "driven mad" by a flock of doves.

The supermodel's London neighbour has been breeding the birds but they have been causing chaos by flying into her home, making a mess and even triggering her security system.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Kate is being driven mad by the doves.

"They have entered the place via the veranda and taken up residence. They're causing havoc, setting off her state-of-the-art alarm and making a real stink - literally.

"They've started relieving themselves over her antique furniture leaving unsightly stains and a vile smell.

"Kate has spent hours running around the place trying to make them fly away. Unfortunately, the doves seem to have taken a real shine to her."

This is not the first domestic problem Kate has had with her home.

Last September, she and her boyfriend, The Kills frontman Jamie Hince, took an impromptu trip to Ibiza, Spain, when her house had to be fumigated after the property was plagued by fleas from her two Persian cats.

She has previously had to replace the trendy rush mat floors with plush carpet because they were giving Jamie sore feet and she has also had problems with her local council after neighbours complained about a stench from her drains and a crumbling garden wall.

One local resident said: "I think the wall is an accident waiting to happen. Young children walk past it every day on the way to school and it looks as if it could topple over at any time.

"There is a huge crack right through the middle of it and Kate needs to do something about it."

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