Robin Williams has 'cow' heart

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  • 14 May 2009
Robin Williams

Robin Williams has 'cow' heart

Comic star Robin Williams has joked about the new "cow valve" in his heart after undergoing surgery, saying he now gives "a good quart of cream"

Robin Williams joked he now has a "cow valve" in his heart after undergoing surgery.

The comic star laughed his way through his first public appearance since undergoing heart surgery two months ago, on US TV programme 'The Late Show with David Letterman', yesterday (13.05.09).

Speaking to the host, Robin said: "I have one new valve and a repaired valve. I have a cow valve, which is great, and the grazing has been fun - and I give a good quart of cream, too, my friend.

"This little break has given me more energy than ever. If you don't mind the grazing, it's quite invigorating."

Robin - who had surgery to correct his irregular heartbeat, replace his aortic valve and repair his mitral valve - also joked that he and Letterman, who had quintuple bypass heart surgery in 2000, are now in the "brotherhood of the zipper chests".

He also spoke openly about how his illness, saying: "I realise now, shortness of breath is kind of code for 'heart problem', just like exhaustion is code for 'alcoholic'."

The 57-year-old comedian announced he will be resuming the postponed dates of his 'Weapons of Self-Destruction and Reconstruction' stand-up tour in the US in September.

Robin can next be seen in the film 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian' which is released later this month.

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