Pumajaw: Favourites (3 stars)

Pumajaw: Favourites

Sounding like the whole thing was recorded in some mist-shrouded graveyard by night, the eerie, atmospheric Favourites is a round-up of Pinkie Maclure and John Wills, aka Pumajaw’s, favourite songs from their own back catalogue. Tracks like ‘Buttons’ showcase Maclure’s sliding, liquid vocals, howling and whining up and down the scale, twisting themselves around spooky storytelling like a female Nick Cave or Tom Waits. There’s a melodrama to her avant-cabaret, creepy showtune style, and the pair enjoy playing around with eccentric sounds including concertinas, psychedelic guitars, and crystal clear glockenspiels. The ideal soundtrack for a torchlit Pagan party in the woods.


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