5 Reasons - Yann Tiersen

5 Reasons To Go See

Yann Tiersen

1 He plays the typewriter Chuffing on Gauloises and quaffing glass after glass of fine French wine, the 37-year-old’s live shows involve him hopping around variety of instruments, stopping off occasionally to bash away rhythmically at a typewriter like a 1920s reporter on heat.

2 He’ll bring a tear to your eye Anyone who has heard Tiersen’s soundtracks for Amélie or Good Bye Lenin! will be aware of his haunting multi-instrumental work. Switching between gentle piano and gallivanting Gallic accordion he could draw a tear from even the hardest firm of football hooligans.

3 His new live album is all new material While many of his live records are like being shown your mate’s holiday snaps - you weren’t actually there - Tiersen’s brand new album takes the novel route of being recorded entirely from live performance.

4 He gets up the nose of the classical establishment Hardnosed classical critics tend not to like him, which can sometimes be the best reason to give something a listen. Tiersen’s work has been damned as ‘lacking in depth’ and he often gets stick for not being as obscure as a John Cage epic played on a cutlery set and then locked away on the moon.

5 He’s gone electric After years of tinkling on ivory he’s decided to strap on a electric guitar, plug in and hit the road. Just don’t expect any Dylan-esque shouts of ‘Judas!’ from his famously devoted fans.

The Arches, Glasgow, Tue 24 Mar. Yann Tiersen’s latest album, Live 2006 is out now on EMI.

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