Heaven & Hell: The Devil You Know (3 stars)

Heaven & Hell: The Devil You Know

Heaven & Hell are essentially Black Sabbath ‘Mark Two’. After Ozzy was kicked out, Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio stepped into the breach way back in 1979. Now, for legal reasons, they tour and record as Heaven & Hell but it’s still legendary guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler (with a bit of help from drummer Vinnie Appice).

‘Bible Black’ in particular bristles with old school rock bluster and could easily slot in alongside ‘Neon Knights’ or ‘The Mob Rules’. However, the likes of ‘Double the Pain’ falls back on trudging rock clichés. There’s a lot to like (Dio’s vocals, a few inspired Iommi riffs) but there’s also a fair slab of anonymous rock.


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