My Latest Novel: Deaths and Entrances (3 stars)

My Latest Novel: Deaths and Entrances

Now with a title like Deaths And Entrances, the long-awaited second long player from this Greenock-based bunch was never going to be a barrel of laughs. And right enough, it makes for pretty weighty listening; as gritty riffs, swirling strings, thundering drums and literature-referencing lyrics combine to make grandiose guitar epics reminiscent at points of The Delgados, Mogwai and Funeral-era Arcade Fire.

Just a few of the record’s themes include dreams, war, time travel, murder, rebirth, science fiction and time and space, and while all of that may sound like a hell of a lot to take in, My Latest Novel sugar coat it with some of their most spell-binding melodies to date. Stirring stuff.

(Bella Union)

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