Up the Glitter! and Queerbash

Two nights are starting up this fortnight which aim to breathe a bit of fresh air into the queer clubbing scene in Glasgow. The first of these is named (in shamelessly outré style) Up the Glitter!, and is the brainchild of Dawid Penkowicz and Anne Kastner, the latter of whom ran the girls-only night Bang! Bang! last year. ‘Things get a bit controversial when you try to limit a club to one sex,’ says Kastner, ‘so Dawid and I are aiming this night at everyone. It’s going to be trashy and tasteless. Shameless, in fact!’
Kastner laughs as she says it, but she thinks this kind of attitude is important for a new queer club in Glasgow. ‘The scene takes itself a bit too seriously,’ she says. ‘A lot of it’s corporate and glossy, and it’s aimed at you very specifically as a gay man or a lesbian. We don’t expect to take over the world, but it’s nice to bring a bit of eclecticism to things, a bit of real diversity.’ She cites Utter Gutter as one of her favourite queer nights in Glasgow.

Up the Glitter! will be primarily DJ-led, and residents Madame Ovary, Chester Minute and Fatty Blaze (Kastner and Penkowicz among them) will play a wide range of styles. QueerBash, on the other hand, is a more underground night, a mixture of DJs and live bands which will attempt to adopt a little of the punk ethos. Arty London electro duo No Bra will be guesting at the first date in June, alongside locals Noisy Pig and Scragfight. ‘Everything I’ll be putting on at QueerBash will have a queer edge to it because I don’t think such artists get the exposure they’re due at the best of times,’ says Kastner. ‘But these will also be the kind of artists anyone with eclectic interests can get into.’

Up the Glitter!
Hetherington Research Club, Glasgow, Sat 16 May

Flying Duck, Glasgow, Thu 11 Jun

Up the Glitter!

Camp trash dance with DJs Madame Ovary, Chester Minute and Fatty Blaze.

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