The Vaselines: Enter the Vaselines (5 stars)

The Vaselines: Enter the Vaselines

Things those under the age of 30 should know about The Vaselines: They were formed in Glasgow by Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee. They were in existence from 1986 to 1989, and more recently on an occasional live basis. They are best known outside of their birth city as a band Kurt Cobain loved and covered on three separate occasions, most famously on their MTV Unplugged performance.

More: They only released one album and two EPs (19 songs in total) that are all on this double CD retrospective, along with some demos and live recordings. They covered Gary Glitter live, which seems much more impudent today. Belle and Sebastian might record a song called ‘Rory Rides Me Raw’, but probably wouldn’t touch Divine’s trash disco classic ‘You Think You’re a Man’. ‘Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam’ is their best song. They were/are a special band.

(Sub Pop)


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