RBRBR, Yoshi and Supersonic Sims (3 stars)

RBRBR, Yoshi and Supersonic Sims

Another new night, another line up of new musical contenders and Edinburgh’s Supersonic Sims are clearly an eye and ear-catching new talent, although not quite the finished article. With bold images of the singer plastered across the video screen in the background, his set – a kind of extended, one-man mix of Calvin Harris and Dizzee Rascal’s hook up – is interrupted by bashful apologies that he doesn’t have his backing dancers and singer with him. Work with what you’ve got, young man.

Despite boasting a singer in a Spider-Man mask and a decent take on the Happy Mondays’ most funk-ridden moments, Fife’s Yoshi are the least immediately engaging act on the bill. That’s quite the opposite of Edinburgh’s RBRBR, finally, who know how to make an impression. Turned out with strings of fairy lights wrapped round their bodies, the aurally impressive Beta Band soundalikes are memorably accompanied by a ninja and a US fighter pilot on tambourine section duties in the background.


The Broken Jukebox, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Wed 29 Apr


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