Also Published: 5 Paperback Biographys

John Peel The Olivetti Chronicles Chosen by Peely’s wife and kids, this mix of early journalism, diaries, letters and odds ‘n’ sods pretty much amounts to a second memoir. Corgi.

Richard Madeley Father and Sons Judy’s fella turned to a distinctly non-showbiz theme for his solo debut with this tale of his far from idyllic childhood. Pocket.

Stephen Robinson The Remarkable Life of Bill Deedes An authorised yet revelatory biog of the newspaper man which, it was agreed, should be published only after his death. Abacus.

Dan Mathews Committed Vice Pres of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) delivers the irreverent story of his often outlandish career. Duckworth.

Joe Power The Man Who Sees Dead People The Scouse medium tells how he submitted to his psychic abilities after the murder of his brother and how he’s worked on investigations ever since. Penguin.

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