New British Comics No 1 (3 stars)

New British Comics No 1

New British Comics does exactly what you’d expect by gathering together a selection of up-and-coming comics talent, with a particularly strong Scottish showing. Don’t let the admittedly striking Tim Rees cover fool you: this isn’t superhero or even action-orientated. Spanning everything from Greek mythology to urban noir, it’s a stylistically mixed bag, with this inconsistency also applying to its quality.

Highlights include Dave Thomson’s amusing sci-fi tale ‘Brownhayes’; Malcy Duff is as esoteric as ever with ‘Inside the Ice Cream Van’; Paul O’Connell’s ‘The Child Molester’ manages to be unsettling over just one page; Daniel Locke’s ‘No Word of a Lie … ‘ is a strangely effecting unlocked memory and Dan White gives us a wonderfully twisted children’s story in ‘Jackie Goes to Hell’. We won’t name names but some of the other contributions are naïve, pointless and childish, however this anthology is still well worth checking out.


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