Site Specifics: Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

What is it? Do I really have to answer this? It’s that gigantic castle thing on a rock dominating your capital city.

Yeah, we know Look, it may seem like rather an obvious choice, but really, when was the last time you actually visited? May is the best month to visit, too: the weather’s good enough to make the views worthwhile, and it’s just before that part of the city gets overrun by tourists and enthusiastic theatrical teenagers.

Okay. What’s in it for us? Despite modern architecture’s best efforts, most of the landscape is completely unchanged, so not only are the 360 degree views of the city absolutely phenomenal, but the guides’ stories about oncoming invaders really come to life, as you can see clearly the routes advancing armies must have taken.

We admit that we’re warming to the idea And if you turn up between Friday and Sunday, they’ve got actors in costume playing palace servants and historical figures, so you can actually meet Mary Queen of Scots.

Well, we do love a bit of roleplay … And if no-one’s looking, you could straddle a cannon and pretend you’re Cher in the ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ video.

Sold. How much will it cost? £12 for adults and £6 for children, but thoroughly worth it, and there are hidden discounts if you book in advance online, or if you buy an audio guide package.

How do we get there? Arrive in Edinburgh. See castle. Walk towards it – probably uphill – in a purposeful manner. (Kirstin Innes)

Castlehill, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. General enquiries: 0131 225 9846 or

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