Gallows - ABC, Glasgow, 8th May 2009 (4 stars)

Gallows - ABC, Glasgow, 8th May 2009

Photograph: Punky Little Monkey -

Aided by the inevitable boost that comes with major label backing, Gallows are finding themselves, now on album two, amidst escalating popularity and in the throes of larger stomping grounds, in terms of live performance. Tonight's show at the ABC would at first seemed perhaps a little bit too big a hall for what appears to be a old-school influenced hardcore punk band with a taste for carnage. The idea of seeing this band in any other surroundings than rammed basement clubs propels the notion that the energy and any sense of close-knit camaraderie might be lost here, in what could very well be a half-packed hall. However, all of these possible qualms are blown into oblivion as this London 5-piece, led by the diminutive yet rabid Frank Carter, take to the stage to begin their assault on Glasgow. It takes a couple of songs to fully get into the swing of things, but after the first stage dive and subsequent circle pit, band and fans alike simply explode in a frenzy of activity.

From renaming a track 'Glasgow is the Reason', to the frontline contact with fans, tonight Gallows are all about brotherhood and tearing the place apart together. In addition to showcasing new material, they give an airing to favourites such as 'Abandon Ship' and In 'The Belly Of A Shark' with every word of every ferociously screamed chorus echoed by the crowd. From racing each other round the hall and orchestrating an heroic circle pit with a security-aided Carter himself in the centre, to the literal destruction of stage gear, this is a vital and surprisingly huge performance from a band who now look like they could tear down stadiums.


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