Records - Spank Rock (4 stars)


Spank Rock: Fabriclive 33 (Fabric)


A big, fat, 29-track mix album by Spank Rock, last year’s boys most likely to. Featuring tracks by Miss Kittin, Hot Chip, Daft Punk and this year’s girls most likely to, CSS. It screams hip electro party album brilliance from the tracklisting out, until you listen to it.

The first thing you notice is that this isn’t a hip hop album, and there’s very little bass, Baltimorian or otherwise - the boys have consciously gone for a slighter, more European electro sound. Even guaranteed floorfillers like ‘Over and Over’ and the inevitable ‘Drop The Pressure’ are stripped down and curiously low key. You’ve been listening wrong, haven’t you? The ringing cash register scratched into Bonde Do Role’s ‘Melo Do Tabacco’ takes you into Miss Kittin’s ‘Stock Exchange’, under which Chicks on Speed whisper ‘what are words worth?’ their rat race leading into Rick Ross’ meditation on street life, ‘Hustlin’’. Despite the misleading associations of the title, this certainly isn’t a clubber’s medley by any stretch. It’s a mixer’s album, a studied, clever, linguistic puzzle that you need both ears and some very good speakers to appreciate in its totality.

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