Exposure - The Count and Sinden

Exposure - The Count and Sinden

The Count and Sinden - Hardcore Girls

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With one being a renowned remix master and the other being an international DJ, you wouldn’t think that The Count and Sinden have much time to do anything else. However, in between the Count (aka Herve) releasing his Ghetto Bass double CD and Sinden making a Fabric compilation, the two have found the time to get together and make an album that promises greatness after their debut EP and that garage-thumper Beeper. Herve spoke to The List.

How did you two come together?
I was signed to Switch’s label and Grahame (Sinden) was working with him at the same time and he basically said that we should do some tracks together and Sinden came over and we did the first EP in a week, with him just staying over.

What do each of you bring along to The Count and Sinden? What do you share?
I started young so have got years of production experience, being a DJ and owning a label I’m always looking for new and old music. Grahame’s interest is more in world music and with him being a radio DJ he's always getting a wide range of new music, meeting a lot of DJs and hooking up with people over the Internet, swapping stuff - so he brings that kind of vibe to things.

Both of us are into British dance music, mixed with African and Caribbean music – the percussion and rhythms especially. Mostly though we’re always listening to drum and bass, dubstep and speed garage. There’s a lot of other elements to our music though; there’s quite a filmic element to some of the tunes on the album.

Is the album finished then? What can we expect from it?
Nearly, we’ve got a few bits left to do. The last year has been crazy for us; I was doing a lot of remixes and production while Grahame was doing DJ sets across the world so we were apart a lot and trying to do bits in between meant that it was delayed. We kept getting new influences too so kept refreshing the album, which I think has made it a more exciting album. We’ve got four or five guest vocals, mostly people you wouldn’t know but the people that you do know you won’t expect. We’re keeping things close to our chest though.

It’s not just relentless clubbers either, it's is an album with a good percentage of everything that influenced us. We wanted to balance it with songs and different blends of sounds, something that people will think is new and fresh. We’re pretty satisfied. We previewed it to people like Jackbeats and our close friends on the label and they were positive – though I suppose friends would be, but I’m very confident that people will respond to it.

The Count and Sinden play a DJ set at Rockness on 14 Jul


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