Courtney Love raging over Ryan

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  • 6 May 2009
Courtney Love

Courtney Love raging over Ryan

Courtney Love, the widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, hates Ryan Adams so much she wants to hit him

Courtney Love wants to punch Ryan Adams.

The former Hole singer would not hesitate to attack the 'New York, New York' singer if she ever met him in the street.

Courtney wrote on her MySpace blog: "People i would hit if i saw them: Ryan Adams (sic)."

The 44-year-old singer also lashes out at Ryan' new wife Mandy Moore - who married the alternative musician in March - in the confusing rant, saying she does not understand how Mandy can bear to be intimate with him.

She wrote: "Christ ugh igh ugh Mandy Moore ick the thoufghg of her sticking her toungue downthat filthy hatch...i might as well go watch 'Hostelle' ill feel better), ick, dirty sheets, ick no toothbrush, smelly ass, ick i LOATHE that guy (sic)."

This is not the first time Courtney has made disparaging remarks about Ryan on her blog.

Last year, she accused him of stealing $858,000 from her daughter Frances Bean - who was left the money when her father, Courtney's husband Nirvana star Kurt Cobain, committed suicide in 1994 - to make his 2003 album 'Rock n Roll'.

She wrote at the time: "does that makje youf eel like a big man ? stealing from a suicide? A MARTYRED HERO? ... as God Is My Witness Ryan you will pay back every f***ing penny of this. 858,000 dollars for Rock n Roll ? wow you were living large- most people reading this dont even know what record or even artist im referring to , as your just this cult americana wanna be dylan thing.

"your ENTIRE album and meals and drugs and Hotels and outboard gear and wasted fabullous guitars STRAIGHT OUT OF FRANCES"S TRUST FUND (sic)."

Courtney Love

Grunge rock from the frontwoman of alt. rock band Hole as she embarks on her UK tour.

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