John Mayer single again

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  • 5 May 2009
John Mayer

John Mayer single again

Singer John Mayer - who regularly blogs about his personal life - has ended his latest relationship after Scheana Marie Jancan was "too open" with the media about their romance

John Mayer has ended his new romance - because his girlfriend was too open about their relationship.

The musician - who has regularly written about his personal life on his internet blog - was reportedly furious with aspiring actress Scheana Marie Jancan for talking about him and is now refusing to speak to her.

According to pals of 24-year-old Scheana, she is "nervous" that she hasn't heard from the singer since she opened up to tell an online magazine about him last week.

One friend told the New York Daily News newspaper: "She's quite nervous that John hasn't texted or called. A psychic told her she's concerned over her recent choices in love and she assumed the psychic meant about her spilling the beans on John.

"She is afraid she spilled too much to the media and she may have screwed up something with a great guy. She is especially nervous because her birthday is next week and she hopes John will be her date.

"She just wants to make sure John knows that she really cares about him and is not using this media attention to further her career."

Friends of John - who has previously dated Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson - insist the 30-year-old singer was never serious about Scheanna, who he met earlier this month at a Beverly Hills event where she was working as a waitress.

A pal claimed: "Scheana's delusional. John's laughed off all of this.

"The two are no longer in contact. She has been exaggerating her interactions with him."

Last week, John insisted he had been single since splitting with former 'Friends' actress Jennifer in March.

He said: If I had a girlfriend, she would be incredibly offended by me saying, 'I don't have a girlfriend,' so that's the proof.

"I can say I'm not with anybody. That's a death wish if you are with a woman, if you go home and you've said that you're not with anybody, you'll take a lashing for the next three weeks."

John Mayer

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