Nadine Coyle's expensive mistake

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  • 3 May 2009
Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle's expensive mistake

Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle "nearly had a heart attack" after realising she had spent £6,000 on a coat but felt too embarrassed to return the expensive item

Nadine Coyle once spent £6,000 on a coat - by mistake.

The Girls Aloud star "nearly had a heart attack" when she realised she had accidentally splashed out on such an expensive item.

She said: "I bought a £6,000 coat. I thought it was £500. I haven't even worn it once. I had to call my bank and authorise it, so I should have known. Then I saw the receipt.

"Honestly, I nearly had a heart attack on the spot, but I was too embarrassed to say anything. The sales assistant sucked me in."

The 23-year-old beauty said she felt physically ill when she realised she had made the costly mistake.

She explained: "It's so bad! It makes me feel really sick just thinking about it."

Nadine is not the only Girls Aloud star with a shopping problem.

Fellow bandmate Sarah has confessed she accidentally spent a small fortune on a dress for a big night out recently.

She said: "I have a habit of not looking at prices and I bought this gorgeous black knitted dress - I've worn it quite often but I didn't realise how much it was."

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