Sucioperro, Classic Grand downstairs, 30 April 2009

Downstairs at the Classic Grand has been something of a rockfest tonight with London-based promoters A Badge of Friendship hosting tonight’s line up. Experimental alternative rockers 85 Bears kick-start the night, followed by the bullet like riffs and off-kilter visuals from Geordi La Force, walls of sound from Brigade, with headliner duties down to Sucioperro.

With Sucioperro members also contributing to the line-up of Marmaduke Duke, alongside Biffy Clyro, there’s no shortage of expectation, or fanbase – the hardcore at the front shout the band into submission as they take to the stage.

As the set begins, so the venue continues to fill, as the wandering masses surrounding Glasgow’s city centre Hinterland venues drift in. From the set, ‘Pain Agency’ from the band’s forthcoming album is a standout moment, and throughout the gig Sucioperro’s blueprint marries complex riffs, pounding rhythms and backbone basslines veiled by gorgeous melodies. Sucioperro tap a primal desire making you fall in love with straight-up rock all over again.

Seemingly uninterested in the emo haircuts, drainpipe jeans and snotty Skinslike attitudes that can often accompany their area of expertise, Sucioperro come across as honest, pure, original and, in this instance, utterly blinding.

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