Geordi La Force, Classic Grand dowstairs, 30 April 2009 (3 stars)

Almost two hours deep and the effect of running across Glasgow with a pint or two in your belly is starting to make it’s presence felt.

However, the pilgrimage between some of the closer-knit venues towards the south of the centre is somewhat of an easier trek, with many taking this opportunity to hit the lower level of the Classic Grand to catch half-man/halfmachine, Geordi La Force.

Submerged in darkness and accompanied by a wholly bizarre and pretty ridiculous video projection, before getting a good look at Rimu in all his solo glory, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were about to witness a full band judged on the strength, sound, and intricacy of the backing tracks. On top of these gargantuan soundscapes, the crowd is treated to unrelenting guitar-shredding, whilst this fairly animated figure makes his way through this cacophony of sound and vision. The latter is actually fairly confusing though, with many, if not all of the videos barely seeming to fit the music, or enhance it any way. It also doesn’t help that the projection is obscured by a barricade and is positioned at a slant.

That said, for what it’s worth, the compilation of video clips incorporating intros from cult TV shows (Knight Rider and Red Dwarf) and the perhaps not so cult (Animal Hospital) interspersed with film clips and hilarious YouTube videos does raise a few belly laughs, and if it enhances anything, it’s simply the weirdness and uniquely warped mind of Geordi La Force.

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