Noel Gallagher's mask-erplan

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  • 1 May 2009
Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher's mask-erplan

Oasis have been banned from leaving their South American hotel because of the swine flu outbreak, but the potentially deadly illness has inspired guitarist Noel Gallagher to plan his own range of protective face masks

Noel Gallagher wants to launch a range of swine flu protective face masks.

The Oasis guitarist and his bandmates are currently touring South America - where the deadly disease originated - and Noel is so taken with the germ-shielding facewear people are wearing he wants to have some made emblazoned with the group's logo.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Noel thinks the face masks look amazing. He has been joking that he feels like a 'James Bond' baddie. He's keeping his for the summer shows back in the UK.

"He even had a joke with friends that Michael Jackson was on to something by being the first pop star to wear one."

The group's management are so worried about the virus, which has so far killed 177 people worldwide, they have banned the rockers - Noel, brother Liam, Gem Archer and Andy Bell - from leaving their hotel rooms between shows.

Singer Liam wrote on his Twitter page: "In Caracas, top gig. Sat in me room in silence as my TV doesn't work. Not allowed to leave the hotel for fear of being tickled to death. (sic)"

However, his brother is less optimistic about his chances of staying healthy.

Noel wrote on his blog: "Ain't got that pig flu yet. Give it time though."

Earlier this week, Noel revealed he had caused mass panic when arriving in Venezuela after sneezing in the airport.

He explained on his blog: "Landed at Crack'arse airport yesterday. All the ground staff are wearing those little white face masks! ALL OF THEM. It was like something out of another Stephen King novel. I suddenly feel quite naked without one.

"Then if that wasn't bad enough my mam called me at that very moment and tells me to be 'careful' or I WILL die of pig flu. I swear at that point I did a massive sneeze and the entire airport fell silent and started to stare!! (sic)"

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