Miley Cyrus makes celibacy vow

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  • 1 May 2009
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus makes celibacy vow

'Hannah Montana: The Movie' star Miley Cyrus, 16, has vowed not to have sex until her wedding night because she doesn't know who she can trust

Miley Cyrus won't have sex until she gets married.

The 16-year-old star - who has been dating underwear model Justin Gaston, 20, for seven months - has vowed to hold onto her virginity until her wedding night because of her strict religious upbringing.

She said: "I want to keep my virginity until I marry. I was brought up in a Christian family."

The 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' actress - who previously dated Jonas Brothers star Nick Jonas, 16 - confessed she finds it difficult to know who she can trust since moving to Los Angeles.

She added to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "It's harder finding people who are real - you don't know what's real and what's fake in this city because almost everyone has a motive and everyone wants to get something."

Although she is wary about the motives of others, the young beauty - whose father is 'Achy Breaky Heart' singer Billy Ray Cyrus - is certain she will make mistakes over the next few years.

She said: "It's hard growing up in the spotlight, and I'm changing. I can't be the 12-year-old who just moved to Los Angeles for ever. I'm having a great time doing what I do, but I'm also going to stumble and fall. Having my parents close helps."

Last year, the starlet sparked outrage when she posed semi-naked for America's Vanity Fair magazine.

She quickly condemned the images after publication and publicly apologised to her fans.

Miley Cyrus

The latest Disney child star to reject their wholesome image and begin the road to rehab, Cyrus tours her latest album Bangerz. Probably whilst twerking.


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