Records - Nafees (3 stars)


The Art Of Keeping It (Sur)real (Nafees)


Scottish hip hop is becoming an ever more tangible currency of late, and 21 year-old rapper Nafees is the latest addition to the pantheon. Part of the credit for this release, however - which rather confusingly bills itself as both a solo release and a mix CD - must go to his cohort DJ Kash, who put the musical backing together.

The tunes themselves are bustling and vivid, with ‘Dear Unsigned Artist’ sampling the Red Hot Chili Peppers and ‘Triumphant Melancholy’ making a decent fist of trying to incorporate a folk backing. Elsewhere, jangling acoustic guitars and a more traditional urban sound hold sway - the only trouble is, they distract the attention from all but Nafees’ most powerful choral hooks.

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