Zombie first person shooter Left 4 Dead announces free 24 hour trial

Left 4 Dead announces free 24 hour trail

Fancy a bit of zombie action this weekend? Want to drop into a post apocalyptic world and fight off hordes of infected rabid mutants? Well, this weekend you are in luck because Valve is offering a free 24-hour trial of their awesome first-person shooter Left 4 Dead for PC.

Originally developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who were bought over by Valve, Left 4 Dead is a tense survival shooter with a range of modes. You can play solo and take part in team-based face-offs but the game is really all about co-operative game-play. As a member of a four-person team you battle your way through various urban and rural levels to reach extraction points from where you can be rescued. There are multiple routes, and supplies can be recovered along the way, but you’ll come under a constant zombie onslaught. If one of your comrades is attacked you can revive them and it definitely pays to work together.

The zombies are actually infected people who have been exposed to an evil pathogen, much like in the film 28 Days Later. This means instead of shambling awkwardly against rigor mortis they are fast and agile in pursuit. Every game offers a unique experience and the AI is designed to respond to your progress and skill level. There is no scripted repetition or obvious spawn points here. Each play through is different and the game is always challenging.

Left 4 Dead is available from 12:01AM tonight but you can preload it now to get maximum play time. All you need is a Steam account.

See http://store.steampowered.com/news/2458/ for full details.

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