The Law (3 stars)

Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow, Thu 22 Mar


Now on tour with The View, the fact that The Law share management with their Dundonian compadres suggests that they might make waves on the ever-expanding Ladrock market before long. While this acoustic Levi’s Ones To Watch in-store show might not have been the best way to sample them in full effect, the vocal bunch of Taysiders orchestrating chants of ‘up The Law’ - and drowning out the peacock-haired ligging masses milling around downstairs - suggests they’re a band to inspire lairy affection.

Stripped to a trio for the occasion - singer Stuart Purvey doing his best sunglasses-at-night impression of Liam Gallagher circa 1996, guitarist Stevie Anderson and bassist Simon Donald; drummer Martin Donald was absent - they did enough to prove the attention-grabbing qualities of Faces-esque rockers like ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘Milk and Honey’. For many, of course, such blokeish indulgences are to be run a mile from - but still, The Fratellis and The View ain’t complaining, so there’s hope for this bunch.

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