Craft Mafia

Craft Mafia

As part of our commitment to promoting local talent, Kirstin Innes launches The List’s partnership with the Glagsow Craft Mafia

Craft. It’s in. You’re thinking of knitting, aren’t you? Tea-stained doilies at bric-a-brac stalls, maybe? Or drippy hippy macramé at earnest rallies. Wrong. Very very wrong. As these pictures show, somewhere along the way, craft got hip and a little bit sexy.

Everything on these pages was either created or sourced by members of crafting collective the Glasgow Craft Mafia, whose monthly markets at the Buff Club and Mono The List is delighted to be associated with. Over the two years since this sinister-sounding organisation of young local designers and makers got together, we’ve been increasingly impressed with the quality and standard of accessories, products, gifts, clothes and homeware available at their markets and through their website (our current favourites include Electra French’s punk-inspired safety pin earrings; Showpony’s witty trompe l’oeil cushions; and Pistol Whip Vintage’s brilliant recreation of retro glamour). Now the markets have gone monthly, we’re going to be running special offers at the market on our Product of the Month, and you ought to be able to pick up a copy of this mag while you’re down there, too.

Glasgow Craft Mafia Markets are on the last Saturday of every month at the Buff Club, and the last Sunday of every month at Mono (next dates: Buff Club Sat May 30; Mono Sun May 31). See

Glasgow Craft Mafia

Massed gathering of emergent Scottish designers and crafteteers, with a range of handcrafted jewellery, textiles and accessories on sale. Don't criticize the crochet, though - you don't want to wake up with a knitted horse's head in your bed.

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