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  • 30 April 2009

The Maccabees - Wall of Arms (Fiction Records) Brighton’s biblically named five-piece are swiftly earning a reputation as one of Britain’s finest live bands. This new effort is full of sincere indie and provides a fresh expanse of melodic goodness and a slow motion kick in the gonads for the quintet’s critics.

Vacuum Spasm Babies - Whipping Clowns (Shark Batter) Brothers Malcolm Spasm and Charles S Bravo sound like a superhero and his sidekick on an eccentric musical quest. The Scottish oddballs conjure up a crazed collection, ranging from catchy pop to downright awkward clown thrashing.

Cats on Fire - Our Temperance Movement (Johanna Kustannus) This Finnish foursome do not endorse cruelty to animals but do enjoy a haiku from time to time. The indie rockers have cool storybook names like Björkas and Höglund and produce jingle jangle tracks that make you want to share Temperance with the world.

Yung - Unconventional Hustle (MKD Recordings) Another ‘gangsta rappa’ from London-based collective MKD, Yung does his thing pretty conventionally but manages to entertain on a sub-cranial level. His ‘innit’ beats entice some enjoyable head nodding and the odd homie hand signal.

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