Lucky Luke (4 stars)

Emma Pollock, Eugene Kelly and Lucky Luke

Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Wed 21 Mar


(Lucky Luke)

‘Acoustic’, more often than not, equals folk music. Even though this is actually billed as ‘Versacoustic’ there’s still no one better to open a showcase than the band spearheading the genre’s resurgence - Lucky Luke - utilising traditional instruments for a melancholy drone. Conversely, on ‘Jackie’, they are fully amped-up and the most rock of tonight’s bunch.

All of which would have made Eugene Kelly proud. His one-man set gains a reverential silence, dedicating ‘I’m Done With Drugs’ to The View, with whom he recently partied (not) in Dundee. And of course, a few Vaselines tunes thrown into the mix including a frenetic (as much as he can acoustically) ‘Molly’s Lips’.

Since The Delgados’ dissolution, Emma Pollock’s solo shows have been rare, but, accompanied only by piano, she sounds in better voice than ever and well-suited to the stripped-down format. Her trademark touches are still evident, and closer ‘The Optimist’ sums up hopes for her autumn solo album.

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