Junior Boys - Begone Dull Care (3 stars)

Junior Boys - Begone Dull Care


If Junior Boys’ first album, Last Exit was a colour, it would be icy blue. Cool, glassy art-electro with a sulky sexiness proved the Canadians to be a electro-pop force to be reckoned with. Five years later, third album Begone Dull Care has an altogether sunnier, bright yellow feel, in the shamelessly upbeat and dancey 80s beats of ‘Bits and Pieces’ or the carefree swoon of ‘Sneak a Picture’. Although ‘Dull to Pause’ is just that, and ‘The Animator’ wanders into bland love song territory, fans of their old stuff will be pleased to hear their old moody, restrained style on ‘Parallel Lines’ and ‘Work’.

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