Injuns (5 stars)

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Skye, Sat 31 Mar


It’s tough when even the music critics can’t categorise your band. Having been called everything from country, jazz, folk, rock, punk, funk, disco, bluegrass to reggae the Injuns myspace coyly asserts pop/indie/ other, where the ‘other’ can only mean everything under the sun.

It is no mean feat then that they are turning people away at the door. Industry, friends and fans have come from all over, attracted by the driving beats, brass tomfoolery and general joyful raucous stramash that five Scots and a Dane can make. Trumpeter Drew Petrie, taking centre stage, threatens to tip the balance of rock hedonism with his charismatic performance but Leighton Jones and Hector MacInnes, (Mylo’s brother) corral the disparate pic’n’mix into the kind of intelligently dumb nuggets of pop Mika could only pray for.

If you want to marvel at their masterly musical technique, listen to the album. If you want to have your musical compass re-oriented, catch them live, as Skye sends its Injuns out into the world with a most auspicious start.

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