Peaches - I Feel Cream (3 stars)

Peaches - I Feel Cream



Toronto’s gap-toothed, potty-mouthed electro-punker is back, and although album five is not Peaches’ most energetic or hardcore, there’s still plenty to like. It’s weird to hear the lady who once sang ‘Fuck the Pain Away’ now in New Romantic synth mode on ‘Lose You’, and while the 40-year-old delivers trademark nasty beats and bitch slap lyrics, she also shows her softest side so far.

She’s brought in friends – Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco and Scotland’s Drums of Death help on production – but the flipping between lost lamb and brittle robot means this ends up a two toned peach melba of highs (‘Mud’, ‘I Feel Cream’) and lows (‘More’, ‘Billionaire’).

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