Labels of Love - Optimo Music

Labels of Love - Optimo Music

This issue: Optimo Music

Based in: Glasgow

Roster: Big Ned, Den Haan, Dollskabeat (pictured), Divorce, Older Lover.

Bosses: JD Twitch, one half of the DJ duo behind ever-uncategorisable Glasgow club night Optimo.

Sounds like: See ‘ever-uncategoriseable’, above. Optimo Music releases are generally dark and intelligent, and offer bedroom guitar-picking and lo-fi punk as much space as dancefloor electronics.

What’s the intention for Optimo Music?
Twitch: ‘Hopefully, unless I’ve gone bankrupt by the end of the year, to bring out one release a month through 2009 and then go from there. Also, the aim is to release only Scottish artists. There aren’t enough outlets for people to release music up here and, because of what I do, I come across a huge amount of amazing Scottish music.’

Why did you call a halt to your former label OSCARR?
‘Well, we’d been doing it for seven years, but on such an ad hoc basis that it never really had any momentum. A year would go by without us releasing anything, so this was a chance to start afresh with new momentum. Plus lots of other factors; I always had to explain to people what OSCARR stood for [Optimo Singles Club and Related Recordings, in case you’re wondering], no one ever made the connection with Optimo, and Jonny [Wilkes, the other half of Optimo] didn’t really want to be involved this time.’

What’s the attraction of running a record label?
‘I don’t know, it’s just a fun hobby. I’m under no illusions, especially the way the record industry is in this day and age, that it’s something I’m going to make plenty of money from. Right back to when I ran Pure in the 90s, though, I’ve always just got a real buzz from putting people’s records out, from hearing them and thinking “I made that happen.” Part of the fun of Optimo is turning people on to music they may never have heard before, and setting up this label is just an extension of that.’

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