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Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: De-Fence

The Fence Collective are often wrongly tagged as an exclusively folky bunch, but there is a much more diverse array of music on offer from its members. To showcase that fact, collectee Gavin Brown aka On The Fly set up De-Fence, an offshoot label intended to cast a spotlight on the furthest corners of Fence, with releases by the likes of Viva Stereo, Reporter and Con Brio.

Here, Brown talks about the motivation behind the label.
The reason for De-Fence was just to expand things a wee bit, and put out music by members of the collective that wouldn’t normally be associated with Fence. The whole Fence thing seemed to be getting lumbered with the folk tag, and the idea was to raise awareness of the different things going on, more experimental and electronic stuff.

You’re putting out some sumptuously-packaged EPs of ambient, electronica and eclectica - is the format and presentation important?
I always wanted De-Fence to be an outlet for vinyl. We’re doing a series of really limited runs of ten-inch vinyl EPs, the 10x10 series, and they won’t be getting re-pressed. We’re also doing handmade wooden box sets; there’s a limited amount of them as well.

And what’s it like running a label?
It’s hard work but I love it. It takes up all your time and all your money. We try to keep things the Fence way, hand-making everything, so there’s a lot of work put into each record, but I enjoy it; it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

Viva Stereo, On The Fly and Reporter all play the Fence Homegame, Anstruther, Sat 14 & Sun 15 Apr (www.fencerecords.com). The first three EPs in the De-Fence 10x10 series are out now (www.de-fencerecords.com).

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