The Threshold Houseboys Choir

The Threshold Houseboys Choir

Stereo, Glasgow, Sun 3 May


Across recent decades of esoteric weirdness in music, few have stood closer to the frontline than Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson. Born in Leeds in 1955, he first emerged during the 70s as a graphic artist and photographer, predominantly as a contributor to and later partner in Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell’s rock album cover production line Hipgnosis.

More pertinently, he was a founding member of industrialists Throbbing Gristle, remaining with the group until they split in 1981. Next he and fellow Throbbing Gristle member Genesis P-Orridge would establish Psychic TV alongside Alex Fergusson, and would later be joined by TG fan and friend of the band Geff Rushton, aka John Balance. Christopherson and Balance would go on to found Coil in 1982 and would continue to collaborate until Balance’s early and accidental death in 2004.

Suspending the Coil name immediately thereafter, Christopherson’s latest project is The Threshold Houseboys Choir; An occasional and generally solo project (although artists like Alec Empire and David Tibet have contributed), Christopherson describes himself as the ‘director’ of TTHC, which consists of electronically-manipulated vocals and instrumentation laid over a filmed backdrop. This feeds into Christopherson’s other day job, as a promo director for artists like Nine Inch Nails, Robert Plant and Rage Against the Machine.

Threshold Houseboys Choir

Electronic ambience from Coil/Throbbing Gristle man Peter Christopherson at this Huntley & Palmers Audio Club night.

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