The Go! Team

Smirnoff Electric Cabaret at Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh, Fri 20 Apr


If you’re looking for a gig with a difference, here it is. Human beatboxer? Check. Hula hoop artist? Check. Burlesque dancers? Check. ‘Giant balloon man’ (whatever that is)? Check. Right, let’s also get Lemon Jelly to DJ and The Go! Team to headline, then let’s stick ‘em all in an extraordinary 19th century building known as Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel, OK?

So the people at Smirnoff bring their successful Electric Cabaret nights to Scotland, specifically in this case to the remarkable venue of Mansfield Traquair, for a night of the weird and the wonderful. And who better to headline than The Go! Team, the effervescent Brighton-based outfit who blend cheerleading with pop, hip hop with indie and dance music with general rabble-rousing? None better, that’s who.

‘We’re always doing something a little bit different,’ says the band’s unstoppable singer and chanting ringleader Ninja, in a statement which could apply just as easily to the whole evening. ‘We’re not just pop, we’re not just dance, we’re not an indie band either, we don’t fit into any box, and on stage we’re showing that as well. We’re just having fun on stage, we’re not trying to impress anyone.’

But they do impress. Their Mercury-nominated debut, Thunder, Lightning Strike, was a breath of fresh air, and while the follow-up isn’t due till Autumn, they’ll be using this show to try out new stuff.

‘Scotland gives us such a great response every time, so we’re going to test out some new songs from the album. We wouldn’t have done it anywhere else.’

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