5 Things you might not know about - Freddie Starr

5 Things you might not know about - Freddie Starr
  1. Let’s get the unpleasantness out of the way first. Back in 1986 came the most notorious moment of wild boy Frederick Leslie Fowell’s showbiz career when The Sun carried its iconic headline: ‘Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster’. He has continually denied ever having munched upon a furry Mancunian rodent called Supersonic, with evidence pointing to the story being manufactured by his agent, a young thrusting PR buck called Max Clifford. Two years after the incident, a management strategy computer game entitled Rockstar Ate My Hamster hit the market.
  2. In 1994, the horse he owned, Minnehoma, romped to victory at the Grand National. However, it was the year before when the racing showpiece was reduced to Starr-like farce when 30 of the 39 riders failed to notice that a false start had been called as they and their nags obliviously galloped away. The end result was a void race in front of an estimated 30m audience worldwide.
  3. An aspirant pop singer, Starr and his band the Midniters had their moment in the sun supporting fellow Scouse band The Beatles in 1963. As a solo artist, Freddie reached the top ten in March 1974 with ‘It’s You’. A certain other Starr named Ringo was also flying high in the charts at the same time with a number called ‘You’re Sixteen.’
  4. A year before the dramatic live meltdown of Kerry Katona (another of Clifford’s clients), Starr appeared on the This Morning couch rambling semi-coherently about his experience on Wife Swap alongside Samantha Fox. The ‘chat’ culminated in Freddie offering to impregnate the former Page 3 ‘stunna’.
  5. In an interview in 2007, he replied that Hitler was his main inspiration for becoming a comedian.

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Freddie Starr - The Legend Lives On

Freddie 'Ate My Hamster' Starr brings his unpredictable and outrageous comedy to Scotland.

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